About You

Why do you want to practice yoga?

Do you want to feel better in your body?

Do you want to better digest – food, thoughts, emotions, situations, life?

Do you want to have a better sleep?

Do you want to have a strong, flexible, lean body?

Do you want to calm your mind?

Do you want to develop a better sensitivity, awareness, focus?

Do you want to understand yourself better?

You are aware, the most of your suffering is self made?

Do you want to see the life more clearer?

Or are you just fed up?

Or you just don’t know?

Then start where you are…here and now


“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.”

– K. V. Desikachar

About Me

Petra Schuessler

My name is Petra.

I am a yoga student, practitioner and teacher. Spent the last six years in India, learning, practicing, doubting, being assured again, breathing, listening, loving…

I am on the yoga path and it is never ending. I am unlearning and peeling off the layers of me, which don’t serve me anymore, the illusions, false perceptions, expectations, colored thoughts, memories, ideas, …. immersed in Yoga Sutras, the verses on theory and practice of yoga, discussing with my lovely teachers, observing and listening to myself, trying to get it, accept and understand, seeing as it is, again and again. And sometimes, I get a glimpse of it, I see clearly for a moment, I can see what my mind has been doing to me and for a tiny moment a can feel the inner silence, the quiet place in me. And for that glimpse of inner peace it is worth to unroll the yoga mat, gently move the body, breathe, sit down and watch….every day anew.

My yoga journey started in a dynamic yoga studio in Munich in 2004. And it was not love at the first sight – “too slow for being properly ‘exhausted’ after ‘sport’ (no, yoga is not a sports art), too fast to stay ‘by me’ and my breath.” But there was “something” about it – and when I was not doing yoga, I was missing it….

So I continued practicing this dynamic style and it was wonderful sometimes. I did my first yoga teacher training. Learned a lot. Later I completely fell in love with yin yoga, where I was allowed to be me, to accept my emotions and let them be… I felt loved and relieved after these sessions and I knew, this is “mine”, I will continue in this.

In 2017 I moved to India with my family and here I discovered other styles, lots of amazing teachers and students…and ended up studying yoga therapy in Krishnamacharya tradition at a yoga school in Chennai.

Yoga has been helping me so much, starting by the body: being stretched properly and strong, happy with my body shape without thinking about it too much, keeping on my digestive fire, keeping my hormones at bay, calming my breath and mind, accepting and loving myself and others.. taking the changes in life with grace, without resistance…..and accepting the moments and days when it is not like this…… sometimes it happens easily, sometimes not at all …it´s a constant effort, a never ending, beautiful story.

I am very thankful for every teacher met on my yoga path…everyone has brought me a bit further on this way and it goes on …. With humility and reverence I accept all this wisdom, compassion and knowledge, mix it with my essence and love to pass it on you. You can choose, what resonates with you on your own way…

What I’ve Done So Far

I believe, that all the available certificates don’t tell much about a person as teacher, spiritual guide, healer…  But it is great to be able to continue learning and so deepening one’s own practice. When the person is authentic, honest and truthfully teaching from the bottom of her/ his being and lives what is being taught, that’s important for me. And what everyone needs is her/his own regular practice.

It is a blessing to have a teacher who sheds some light on the path, is able to advice, inspires, encourages, listens, gives the rights questions and also triggers sometimes, so that I have to pause and take a look inward. I have been very lucky to have met wonderful teachers and could learn from them. It´s been a wonderful journey and I hope it will continue…..

  • Start practicing yoga in 2004, mostly at  Jivamukti Yoga in Munich
  • Initiation REIKI 2nd level according to Dr. Mikao Usui, Ilja Žáček, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Praha, 2010
  • Teacher training – Vinyasa flow, Yam Yoga Munich, Germany, 2016 – 300 hours
  • Mohendzodaro – Tantrayoga for women, level 1, Lazanky, Czech Republic, 2017
  • Yoga Therapy Instructor Trainig, Arsha Yoga, Kerala, India, 2018 – 260 hours
  • International Hatha Yoga Teacher´s Trainig, level 2, Amrutha Bindu Yoga, Bangalore, India, 2018 – 300 hours
  • Yoga Psychology, Arsha Yoga, Kerala, India, 2018 – 80 hours
  • Yin Yoga TTC, 5 Elements International School of Yoga & Movement, Bangalore, India, 2019 – 30 hours
  • Yoga Therapy for Special Needs, Prafull Oorja, Bangalore, India, 2019
  • Kundalini Yoga TTC, Samadhi Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India, 2019 – 300 hours
  • Yin Yoga Trainig with Shakti Simone Lehner und Maheshwara Manfred Lehner, Module 1, Arsha Yoga, Kerala, India, 2019 – 50 hours
  • Yin Yoga Trainig, Module 2, Arsha Yoga, Kerala, India , 2020 – 50 hours
  • Hormon Yoga Therapy Teacher, with Shakti Simone Lehner, Sivanda Yoga Vidya Peetham, Kerala, India, 2020 – 45 hours
  • Sound Healing basic course, Srikam wellness academy, Bangalore, India, 2020
  • Yoga Nidra TTC, a1000yoga Academy, Bangalore, India, 2020 – 70 hours
  • Yoga Prayogam Program, Advanced Teacher training, in personalised yoga practice, foundations for Yoga Vaidya, Yoga Vahini, Chennai, India, 2020-2021 – 150 hours
  • Yours´Body Healer, TCM, Yin Medicine School, online, since 2022
  • Rocni pruvodce zeny, TCM, Reflexiologie, Marie Helen, online 2021-2022
  • Preparation for Yoga Vaidya, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Vahini Chennai, India, 2021-June 2022
  • Yoga Therapy education – Yoga Vaidya, Yoga Vahini Chennai, India – June 2022 – now
  • 5 Elements Breathwork, Sadgamaya Foundation, Bangalore, India; workshops, Himalayan retreat, since February 2023
  • Holistic and Integrated Nutrition Training Program with Sandhya Gowtham, YogaVahini, India, 2023

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