Teacher? Student?

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Teacher? Student? Both?


As your teacher, I am an example for you:

being fit, strong, flexible, well nourished, with a calm and clear mind.



What if:

I’m also allowed to feel not well.

I’m allowed to feel miserable actually.

I’m allowed to be emotional and show it.

I’m allowed to not know.

I’m allowed to not feel “happy” always.

I’m allowed to roll out my mat, sit on it and still not do any single movement.


Am I allowed to “teach” you then?

Maybe I can show YOU what is helping ME:

to connect to my breath.

To feel it flowing throw me.

To let it anchor me.

To show me, that I’m ok as I am.

To show me, I don’t have to overcome anything.

Just breathe, connect, observe, stay, bear.

To show me, I’m loved.

Can you do it too?