Někdy se cítíme mizerně, jsme unavené a vyčerpané a staráme se o všechny ostatní kromě sebe. A pak, i když už se krátce natáhneme, stejně se nám nedaří najít svůj vnitřní klid, anebo okamžitě usneme…

Zkusme na chvíli zavřít oči a zaposlouchat se …


Sometimes we are tired, exhausted and miserable and we forget to take care of ourselves and to REST….. and maybe you can just close your eyes for a moment and listen …. ♥️


Oftentimes and especially during our travels, due to long sitting on a plane or car, we feel stiff and suffer from the back pain (mostly lower back) and also constipation. Already a short, regular! practice can help prevent or relief those issues – 10 minutes, at least 1x in a day.


Oftentimes we are just overwhelmed. Oftentimes we feel we have to fix – the situation, others, ourselves, “the problem”. Sometimes it is enough to just stop for a moment, sit down, breathe and observe the storm fading away …


Yoga Nidra for connecting to your true nature

Lie down my love

Close your eyes and keep them closed to enter your inner landscape

The place of harmony and peace ….



#6 Meditation – from the intention to manifestation

Let our intentions & resolutions (not only for the new year) come from within, from a meditative state, state of clarity, stillness and connection. 💛

And let us see and feel our intentions there. And even after the meditation let us remain aligned with them, pause and take our choices consciously.

You can stay in this meditation for a longer time and practice it regularly.

May all your wishes come true 💛

21 minutes, preparation and meditation start in 2’27.

#5 Meditation as a part of your life 🤍

In this video I am inviting you to consider not to use meditation as an escape for a couple of minutes from your busy life, but rather bring the meditative state of your mind to all its aspects.

stretching till 2’50
breathing from 3’10
meditation from 16’10
You can stay in the meditation after the video for any possible amount of time.

# 4 Peaceful Friday Meditation 🕊️

What if I choose a Peaceful Friday instead of the Black one?

What if I choose peace at any other day too? What if I try to find the place in me, where I am already content and dwell there for a little while? It is easier with a guided meditation, after a simple movement and breath regulation.

Suitable for beginners too.

20 minutes, the actual meditation (with breathing) starts at 3.50′




# 3  Meditation for Peace 🕊️

A guided, short and easy meditation for quieting the mind and accessing the peace and silence within.

Suitable for beginners. It can be practiced also before going to sleep, in this case you can skip the movements at the beginning.

20 minutes – the actual practice, gentle movements, starts from 3′, breathing and meditation from 7′.

Stay calm and peaceful.

#2 Breathing for calming an and balancing the mind

A session for calming and balancing the mind. Can be used during the day, when we need to calm down, focus and relax.

12 minutes

#1 A short breathing session for calming the mind.

For anyone who needs to calm down at that moment. It can be practiced also before going to bed. Suitable for beginners. Very easy.

10 minutes

Yin yoga

a short session. 30 min.

Back pain

A therapeutic session to alleviate or even remove your back pain.

We work on the whole spine (from 3.13′) – upper back, shoulders, middle back (9′) and lower back (14′).

Always listen to your body, if something does not feel right for you, don’t do it.

41 min.


Gentle yin yoga

A gentle yin yoga session for stretching the body and calming the mind. 30 min.


More of my videos can be discovered on youtube. Please read carefully the desriptions and contraindications.

Yin yoga against anxiety

A gentle yin yoga session against anxiety and fear. 30 min.

Except for calming your whole system, you will also practice your balance and energize your body gently.

Please read the contraindications in the video desription. 

Yin yoga for boosting immunity

44 min.