Yin yoga

Yin Yoga

“For me Yin yoga is intimate. It is Listening to me, Observing me, Accepting me, Paying attention to me, Discovering me and my Breath, Inner Silence…..Letting go and Love. Love towards me, here and now. It is my time and my space. I close my eyes and go inward. I listen…. listen to my body and stretch it so far, till it says ´it´s enough for me today´. Yin yoga is acceptance…. Self acceptance in the first place… I listen to my thoughts and don´t judge them…. I listen to my emotions and let them be. They are allowed…. any unbearable of them…….. It is the Space…between the exhale and inhale…between my thoughts ….Yin yoga is Breath…. It is the long exhale in which I sink deeper in me…in the Silence…… Yin yoga is the Feather on the surface of the lake.” – Petra

“Yin yoga is a deeply restorative, nurturing and healing practice. I think of it as the chicken soup of yoga.” – Kourtney Hartmoyer